Past Events

Past Events are listed below.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-12-08

Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Tom Duston, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick explored the FOP land referred to as the "Dort property" between Pisgah Park and Route 63 in Chesterfield. The FOP Council recently voted to fund the construction of a lean-to shelter on this land to be used by Pisgah Park and Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail hikers. See our Facebook picture for a similar shelter.  Several excellent spots were found that we felt suitable.

The next day, Sunday, December 9, John Herrick and John Hudachek met Kim Nilsen at the Dort property to review our findings from the previous day.  The three of us decided the best spot to build the shelter would be on FOP property below the Hubbard Hill vista on a level site with water close by.  We also envision locating a composting latrine nearby.  Access from the Park would be from the corner of the Davis Hill trail that runs through the FOP Dort property.  A mini shelter was also discussed to be placed on FOP land at the Davis Hill trail west vista.

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-01-12

Friends of Pisgah trails chief John Herrick, Krister Raasoch, John Hudachek, Wendy Jacobs and Tucker started work on the trail from Davis Hill to our proposed shelter on FOP land below Hubbard Hill. We then cut the trees where we intend to build the lean-to in the spring before breaking for lunch.  After lunch we cut trees where the road will be going up from Route 63 towards the shelter. We finished work about 3:00 pm.

John Hudachek

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Friends of Pisgah Annual Meeting Minutes - Nov. 13, 2012

FOP Council Attending: Kathy Thatcher, Gary Montgomery, Bob Smith, John Hudachek, John Herrick, John Summers, Matt Edson, Norma Reppucci, Laurel Powell, James Nikiforakis, Kim Nilsen

: There were 32 members of the FOP, including Council members, present.

The 2012 Annual FOP meeting at the Hinsdale Millstream Community Center was called to order at 7:05 by President Kathy Thatcher.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-11-10

Friends of Pisgah trails chief John Herrick, Krister Raasoch, David Weisel and John Hudachek met at the Kilburn trail head at 10:00.  Kathy and Jon Thatcher and Gizmo arrived fashionably late.  It was decided to clear large trees that had fallen on North Ponds Trail.  So we all drove up to Horseshoe Trailhead.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-10-13

Gary Montgomery, Kathy Thatcher, Friends of Pisgah trails chief John Herrick, Jon Thatcher, Krister Raasoch, Peggy Kipp and John Hudachek met at the Kilburn trail head at 10:00.    We hiked the road to Kilburn Pond where we split into two groups.

25th Annual Friends of Pisgah Picnic at Visitor Center Barn - 2012-09-29

The 25th Annual Friends of Pisgah Picnic was held Saturday, September 29th in the Visitor Center barn.  Approximately 45 friends showed up on a drizzly morning.  Turkey and ham as well as great food brought by attendees was enjoyed by all.  Members were thanked for their support and volunteerism.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-09-08

Kari Post, Tim Butterworth, trails chief John Herrick, Krister Raasoch, David Weisel and John Hudachek (not in picture) gathered at the Kilburn Trailhead before driving up to the Friends of Pisgah Dort property on Route 63 in Chesterfield.  The crew cut small trees mostly birch from the east side of the opening.  The goal is to open the view to include Chesterfield Village. The group hiked to the boundary of Pisgah Park after lunch.  A shower ended the work just before 2:00 pm.

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-08-11

Krister Raasoch, Gary Montgomery, Matt Edson, John Hudachek and trails chief John Herrick gathered at the Horseshoe Trailhead to finish cleaning up brush and trees on the road leading to the Horseshoe Trailhead.  Gary Montgomery brought his lawn mower and cut the grass around the Harlan Fiste Stone's birthplace foundation and the entrance to the park. 

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2012-07-14

Trails chief John Herrick joined park ranger Norma Reppuci and the mid-week crew Gerry Goslant and Bob Miller to clean up the Reservoir dam.