Past Events

Past Events are listed below.

Annual Meeting 2013-11-12

The Friends of Pisgah Annual Meeting was held in Winchester November 12, 2013 at the VFW hall. About 30 members and guests attended. Phil Bryce of the Director of the Division of Parks and Recreation in the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) was the speaker. Bryce’s talk covered the range of activities of the Parks and Recreation Department including numbers of parks, geographic distribution, number of employees and the mode of funding. At the conclusion of his talk, Mr. Bryce presented a digital slide show featuring many of the NH state parks. The photos were quite interesting and the slide show was much appreciated by those in attendance.

A short business meeting was held after Bryce’s talk and questions. Council members and officers of the Friends were elected for 2014. Officers elected were: Gary Montgomery, President; Matt Edson, Vice President; John Hudachek, Treasurer; Maeve Sabine, Secretary. Council Members elected were: John Knickerbocker, Matt Donachie, Bob Miller and Krister Raasoch.

Matt Donachie

Lean-To Raising 2013-11-09

Steve Lowe, Ray Dunn, Doug Favreau, Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Bob Miller, John Hudachek, John Herrick and Friends of Pisgah lean-to architect Kim Nilsen answered the call at 10 am in the raising of a rustic three-sided lean-to on the Dort property that lies just to the northwest of and borders Pisgah State Park along Route 63. With the help of John Herrick's tracter and Krister's pickup the rough sawn timbers and boards were moved half a mile into the forest to the site where concrete piers were set in place last month.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-10-12

Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, John Hudachek, Chesterfield good Samaritan Jim Larkin and FOP trails chief John Herrick met at the FOP Dort property on Route 63 in Chesterfield at 10:00. Jim Larkin was there to deliver the dry concrete to be used to fill the sona tubes.

Composting Latrine Installed 2013-09-28

At 8:00 am Saturday, September 28, 2013, Krister Raasoch and John Hudachek opened the gate at the Friends of Pisgah property off Route 63 in Chesterfield.  Within the hour Chad and Jack Pepou and Kim Nilsen arrived with our new composting latrine on a trailer.

This summer John Herrick and his John Deere tractor have been hard at work constructing a road up to the future site of our lean-to and composting latrine.  We decided the trailer would not make it up the road, but the truck would make it 3/4 of the way up to the lean-to site.  So we loaded the truck bed 3 times, driving it as far as we thought we could before getting stuck, then hand carrying the material the rest of the way.

Krister, Kim and John dug four holes for the supporting 4x4's while Jack and Chad drove back to the trailer for the remaining tools and materials.  Between 11:00 and 12:00 John and Krister meet their wives and drove to the Visitor's Center for FOP's Annual Picnic.

Seeing uneaten hamburgers, hot dogs and sweet corn at the conclusion of the picnic John and Krister brought lunch back to the Dort property for Kim, Chad and Jack.  They appeared to enjoy every bite.

The crew then finished the trim, took some pictures and made measurements for constructing the stairs off site.  They then carried the tools and unused lumber to the truck for the trip down to the trailer.

We finished about 3:30.  It was a pleasure working with Chad and Jack.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-09-07

Krister Raasoch with Art and Harry, David Weisel, Matt Edson, John Hudachek, Trails Chief John Herrick and Pisgah Park manager Whip Newell met at the Reservoir Road Trailhead in Hinsdale at 9:00 am.  John Herrick and his John Deere tractor rake contoured the Reservoir Road hill between Route 119 and the first electric wires.  The rest of the crew used shovels and rakes to smooth out the gravel and remove the large stones.  We dug two water bars to channel water to the ditch.  We also removed a dead tree overhanging the road.

We then drove to the Visitor Center on Old Chesterfield Road in Winchester.  We cleaned up the area north of the Visitor Center that was filled with branches and debris from a recent timber harvest.  Krister cut 3 dead birch trees around the picnic table area.  John used his tractor to push branches and old logs down the hill out of view of the picnic tables.

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-08-10

Matt Edson, Bob Miller, Kathy Thatcher, John Hudachek, Trails Chief John Herrick and the new Pisgah Park manager Whip Newell met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 8:00 am.  The goal for the day was to dig water bars on the road hills between Kilburn Pond and the trailhead.  John Herrick brought his John Deere tractor to dug the bars while the rest of the crew used shovels and rakes to smooth out the gravel.  We completed about 10 water bars and were back at the Kilburn trailhead by 12:30.

We calculated that the average age of the crew was over 65 sure would be nice to get some younger people to help. 

John Hudachek

Click here to view photos by John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-06-08

David Weisel, John Bernstein, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 10:00.  While discussing the activities for the day we noticed a group of 3 dead birch trees leaning over the parking lot.  So our first job was to cut and remove the dead birch trees.

We then proceeded down the Kilburn Trail.  After tropical storm Andrea dumped alot of rain this morning, water was running down and across large sections of the trail.  We determined this was an opportunity to drain water from the low spots and divert water flowing down the trail.  Much work was done with potato hooks and a mattock.

On the trail the mosquitoes were very annoying. Sitting on the walkway above the Kilburn dam for lunch we enjoyed a strong breeze from the north that freed us from the mosquitoes.  We observed two loon diving for their lunch.  Back on the trail after lunch I saw my first deer fly of the season sucking her last lunch from my wrist.

We were back at the parking just before 2:00 concluding a very productive day.

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-05-11

Friends of Pisgah (FOP) President Kathy Thatcher, John Hudachek and FOP trails chief John Herrick met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 10:00.  It was decided to remove several dangerous trees leaning over trails at Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area. So we drove to the Gorge and removed a half dozen dead trees.

FOP had received an email the previous day that trees were down on the Bear Mountain Trail east of Plain Road.  So on the way back to Kilburn we detoured down to the Plain Road Trailhead.  While the two Johns ate lunch on the back of John's pickup Kathy hiked up the trail and found the fallen trees. After lunch we hiked up Bear Mountain Trail and removed the fallen trees and branches.

The crew returned to John's truck, then drove to Kilburn parking lot at 1:15.  Since the rain had become steady at this point we decided to call it a day.  

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-04-13

Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Wendy Jacobs, Val and Jon Starbuck, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick met at the FOP Dort property at 10:00. The Dort property is a piece of land located in Chesterfield between Route 63 and Pisgah State Park.  The Dort Trail starts on Route 63 about 1.5 north of the Kilburn Trailhead and leads up to our proposed overnight shelter. 

With Krister and John Herrick cutting branches and trees and the rest of the crew moving the cut wood off the trail the majority of the trail is cleared.  John Herrick intends to continue leveling and moving stumps so that the shelter building materials can be transported up the trail to the shelter location beneath Hubbard Hill.

Lunch was enjoyed at our vehicles parked at the site vista.  After completing the tree cutting around 2:00 the group checked out the proposed shelter location and then hiked to the Hubbard Hill vista. The crew returned to their parked vehicles just after 3:00.

John Hudachek

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2013-03-16

Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Wendy Jacobs, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trail chief John Herrick met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 10:00. With reports of numerous trees down on the Kilburn Loop the group decided to hike and clear the Kilburn Loop.

The woods were still full of snow and the trail was predominantly compacted snow with some ice.  Many trees were found fallen across the trail - at one spot five trees were found across the trail that had been downed by beavers.  Lunch was enjoyed on rocks overlooking water near the south end of the loop. The entire loop was cleared and, after a short excursion to the explosives site near the Hinsdale Town Forest, the group returned to the parking lot just after 3:00.

John Hudachek