A record group of volunteers from towns all around the region, including Northfield, MA arrived at the Kilburn Trailhead to help with the monthly trail work and hike.   After a discussion of what trails were most in need, it was decided that the group would split into three groups.  (This turnout was fantastic and greatly appreciated!)   One pack of volunteers left to tackle the eastern side of Kilburn.  Another hopped into a truck and started at the southern tip of the Kilburn Loop near the Waterworks in Hinsdale and worked north on the western side of the loop.  The third group cleared the western side of the Kilburn Loop and worked south until meeting the second group. It was a cool, spring day, ideal for brush work.  The second group stopped at the second of two small bridges and did a variety of jobs.  A large tree had fallen into the water and was causing the flow of the water under the bridge to rise dangerously close to the bottom of the bridge.  Several volunteers cut up and gently tugged the tree out of the water.  Others picked up brush and raked the rocks which had washed onto the trail on the north side of the bridge.  The group then continued up the western side of the lake nailing blue diamond markers to the trees at regular intervals clearing brush as they went.