Two Descriptions

By the FOP Trails Chief: We met at Kilburn and two showed up there and the rest met at Horseshoe Road trailhead, because Kathy did some phone calls, to say this would be mostly a hike, and for me to leave the saw at home. We headed for the Reservoir trail and found one tree across the trail. Jessie had brought an ax so we used that to get that cut off and then we used a large stick to move the but off the trail, We then ran into a lot of ditches that needed draining so we just lost a lot of time doing that while what we wanted to do was the North Pond trail. It was noon as we got there and we kept working on that trail down to the pond. We found a couple more large trees across the trail there so we took some turns swinging the ax. Brian got some lessons from Jessie and me and we chopped through the log in about 5 minutes. While others worked on cutting back the mountain laurel and hobble bush. By the time we ate lunch it was already after 1:00. We talked and decided to take a short cut back so we walked across North Round Pond on the ice while ¾ of the pond was water. The ice was very solid and so we showed the newer guys the old growth trees and hiked around the pond to a view. On the Lily Pond side of the pond you can see both ponds. From there we hiked through the woods down to Lily Pond and the stream out from the pond was all water and wide so we had to walk across the beaver dam which turned out to be pretty easy. After that it was all trail and we made one more stop at the bench we had made last summer. We took the trails back to the cars only clearing some small branches along the way. Arriving home around 3:30.

John Herrick

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By the FOP PresidentOn March 10th, a number of folks gathered at the Kilburn parking lot for the regular FOP Trail Work Day. Joining our Trails Chair, John Herrick, were council member Matt Edson, Jon Thatcher, Jesse Palmer, Brattleboro resident Brian, [my apologies Brian, I neglected to get your last name!], and me. We decided to head over to the Horseshoe parking lot to better access North Round Pond. We took the Old Chesterfield Road to the Reservoir Trail, clearing debris and culverts as we made our way towards North Round Pond. By the time we got to North Round Pond, the sun had come out and a gray, chilly day had turned into a beautiful one to be wandering through Pisgah. We cleared brush encroaching on the trail as well as getting some tree work done with an ax that Jesse had brought along. It was a lot easier than a chainsaw to carry and a very effective tool. I now have a new appreciation for the descriptive saying, "an ax job". We had hoped to head back along the North Ponds Trail, but had to opt for a more direct route due to the time. We bushwhacked from North Round Pond to the Lily Pond Trail, traveling through old growth and an amazing display of beaver activity. We followed the Lily Pond Trail back to the Old Chesterfield Road then on to where we started. We did spend more time then usual out on the trails, but no one was complaining! We regularly meet, weather permitting, at 10:00 at the Kilburn parking lot on the second Saturday of each month for trail work. Please feel free to call John Herrick at 256-6301 if you have any questions. See you on the trails! Kathy Thatcher