We met at Kilburn at 10:00, and about quarter after, headed for Horseshoe road to get some trees that are down on South Woods trail. We had a big crew of 3 and we sniped a few face slapper limbs that hang into the trail on the way down to the swamp area. We noticed that the bridge needs some work that is where the trail starts to go around the swamp. There we found a couple trees across the trail. The trail was very Icy in spots and made it slow going. We stopped at the old car site, took some pictures and looked around a little and then continued on to the old sawdust pile ware we found another tree across the trail. After that we continued on to the old view site of the swamp, where I took a few more pictures and then had our lunch. After lunch we decided to head back and we thought it would be fun to take a tour back through the old road instead of the trail, so we walked up through the swamp trying to follow the road and we were able to follow it back to the beaver dam next to the bridge that needs work when the dog started barking at a beaver. We were able to see the beaver and it was trying to scare away the dog. It was looking and then splashing water all over the place. We grabbed the dog and went across the ice when we found the tree with the liken. From there we just walked back to the cars and went home.

John Herrick

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