Work is underway now on the rebuilding of the Kilburn Loop Trail near
the western shores of Kilburn Pond. Construction equipment will be
moving material in and out of the parking lot and to the work site.
Other equipment will be in use over about 3,750 feet of KLT on and off
for severla weeks. The trail is CLOSED there until work is complete.
When the work is done, the .7 mile access lane into the Kilburn Loop
Junction with be smoothed and York raked with equipment, and hand work
will get underway until freeze up to touch up the treadway along the
trail and road. The trail will see the installation of seven culverts
and a substantial rebuild of the surface over the first 900 feet from
the junction south. There will be sections where root cover will be laid
down, and several other segments will be built up and low spots filled
so that water may not pool readily as it does in numerous sections now.

K. r. Nilsen