Good morning... I didn't know if anyone kept track of bear sightings, but wanted to let you know that I saw a good sized male (I believe) on Sunday Morning.  It was about a half mile heading up West on the North Ponds Trail.  I was nearing the top of a hill and he was right at the top.  I wasn't looking ahead so I got pretty close, probably 50-60 feet.  He stood up to see who this dumbass was that was walking right towards him and boy did he look big...  Anyways, I nodded to him, avoided eye contact and slowly walked backwards, turned around and continued on my way to another trail.  Of course every little twig snap I heard the rest of the hike made me a little jumpy, but it was another great day in the woods.

Thanks for all you do!

Matt Price
April 28, 2014